Wednesday, May 2, 2012

First Outing and a Few Non-baby Things

Yesterday we did our first outing with Brynn. We headed to Target to replenish our desperately low diaper stores and pick up a few more things. I am really starting to appreciate diaper cakes at baby showers. The excursion was pretty good, though not without some good crying (on Brynn's part, not ours). Brynn is happy in the car as long as it is in motion. Waiting for a long light to do a left turn brings on some protests (from Brynn, not me ... most of the time). Once we got to the store she had a little crying jag and Jen took her to the bathroom for some girls time while I went in search of items I've never shopped for before. Once Brynn calmed down, they rejoined me and the baby was fine as long as the stroller was in motion. But we got in and out and back home without any meltdowns from any of us. Success!

Jen's mom spent another night with us performing her rock star grandma vigil that allowed us to get a 5 hour block of sleep. Thank you so much! We feel so much better today, as we receive visitors, eat food brought to us by friends, and admire the gifts and flowers sent by friends. We are so blessed to have this support and love!

In other areas of life, Kidrobot's next line of Dunnies has been leaked, which is exciting. The series looks pretty good, though there aren't many "gotta-have-its" in there. The Andrew Bell one looks awesome, though. I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for a release date.

Also, Jason brought to my attention a new contest/promotion by Blackberry to get developers making apps for their upcoming phone. The incentive is better than a Playbook. How about $10K? Of course, there are some stipulations. You have to earn a grand on your own to qualify and pay a "nominal" fee to get your app certified. Now, since I happen to be developing a phone app for Android right now, this could really work well for me. I even have some ideas for monetizing it, so I could hit that $1,000 threshold. I certainly could use that extra incentive, and I've been building my app in a way that it could be easily done on multiple platforms. I will certainly be keeping an eye out for more details.

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