Monday, March 5, 2012

The Week That Was

Well, baby preparation continues. Jen and I went to our childbirth class this weekend. It was 3 hours on Friday and 7 on Saturday. We certainly feel a lot more prepared, but also know that we cannot be truly prepared. We'll have things that we'd like to have happen, but we will have no expectations that they will happen. Coming out of this with a healthy baby and healthy mother are about our only two things we expect.

We also learned useful things about moving around into different positions during birth. That seems like a big one. Also, placentas are gross ... but then again, I think most people know that. Anyway, I'm feeling a bit more prepared for the impending infant.

Impending doom is the forecast for my laptop. It has started making dire predictions of its own demise, even though everything is working just fine. Seems one of the metrics reported by the SMART hard drive tests is out of the safe range. My "reallocated sector count" has passed an acceptable threshold and my computer reminds me of it every 5 minutes or so. There appears to be no easy fix other than turning my computer off and taking up knitting instead. Or, as some people online have noted, it could continue just fine for a couple more years. It's just a question of how lucky and daring you feel.

Jen and I dared to go out to eat on Sunday. We had a deal for a diner in Louisville, so we cruised on over for a Sunday evening repast. The place was packed. There were tables crammed in every nook and cranny, and they all were filled. There were a couple of very large speakers blaring music. As we walked in to look to see if there was a table available (since there was no hostess on duty) we started to notice that everyone was Hispanic. Even the people behind the counter were Hispanic. Since this was a 50's style diner in downtown Louisville, it seemed unlikely this was the hopping, all-Latino joint. Finally someone informed us that it was actually reserved for a birthday party. Ah. That goes a way to explain the unexpected homogeneity. We went on down to Lucky Pie and had a good dinner there that was shockingly not followed by Sweet Cow ice cream. Good enough.

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TirzahJean said...

Yay for impending baby! Nothing is predictable about birth or infants but you all will do fantastic! A month out with a baby only waking up once at night I can say it is SO worth it. Praying for you and Jen and the exciting adventure to come : )