Monday, July 26, 2010

Into the Woods

If you were breathlessly awaiting word of how my new web host is working out for me ... well, you've probably passed out by now ... and that's probably for the best. Nonetheless, I will regale you with a tale snippet of what's going on. GoDaddy supports ColdFusion. It also supports Microsoft Access databases. In order to support a legacy project of mine from my student days, I need those. Unfortunately it is apparently impossible with GoDaddy to have both at the same time. So now I'm trying to figure out how to port my Access database over to My SQL or something. I'll be giving Open Office Base a try to see if it can open Access and save as My SQL. It's not a big database, so if nothing else I can copy and paste the data out. Blech.

Distracting me from my web host travails, Jen and I went on a camp out with our church. We camped up by Beaver Reservoir near Ward, CO. It was a fun time, though with many more people than I am accustomed to while camping. There were lots of kids and dogs, but we had a great spot for all of them. Jen and I broke in some of our gear, discovering too late that our mess kit had no silverware included. But despite spreading peanut butter on bagels using my Leatherman, there weren't any mishaps. It was good to get to know people better and start to match kids to parents and see these cute little people who are usually tucked away in child care. But next time we go camping, I'm hoping for a kid-free trip so we can have a little more peace and fewer skinned knees. That's a bit more in line with my ideal camping right now.

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TirzahJean said... campouts were never my thing either. If you all ever want to go camping with us, we promise Sarah is an angel - really, she sleeps better than us camping!