Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And That's the Way I (uh-huh, uh-huh) Like It

You know, it occurs to me that it has been about a month since I've seen vomit. Not fresh vomit, not dried and caked vomit. Hmm. You know, this leaving the Tower of Odd Smells thing is working out pretty well.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stag and Non-stag

I am missing being able to ride my bike into work, though the driving commute honestly isn't that bad. So I've been been riding on the trails around our home in Boulder. This morning I saw a 5-point buck right along side the trail. he had four points on one velvet-coated antler and then the other was either broken or stunted. So it was just me the non-stag and him the stag.

Married life is going great so far. I'm still navigating the whole 'sharing a bed' thing, but that's not nearly as bad as I had feared. I'm enjoying coming home to the lovely Jen and staying around rather than making a late night drive back to Denver. Instead, we fall into bed together. That's nice!

We've been playing a board game called Pandemic that my friend Russell got us for our wedding. It's a cooperative game where you play scientists fighting to stop diseases, and it is quite addictive. We played 4 games of it Saturday and then another 5 on Sunday after a mountain bike ride. Yeah, I could get used to this.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, and a Few More Pictures

Okay, here we go. I've opted to go with a Picasa album rather than go my normal route. Too many photos! So here are the albums I've created:
There will probably be more forthcoming as I get more pictures from the wedding from different folks, but hopefully this will sate you for now!

Monday, July 20, 2009

To Jamaica and Back Again

Okay, I guess I should tell some tales from the honeymoon and time around it. Rather than do some grand narrative, I'll give you a quick synopsis and then follow up with some highlights. Sound fair? Okay, let's do this.

So, Jen and I drove over to the condo (our place, no longer just her place. My pronouns need adjusting), changed, and then drove down to Denver. We grabbed some great dinner at The Corner Office and then spent the night at The Curtis Hotel watching fireworks all over Denver. We may have done some other things too.

The next day we dawdled while waiting for our flight and had brunch at Root Down followed by ice cream from Little Man. We then flew to Charlotte and stayed overnight in a Hyatt by the airport. I had to give Jen her boarding pass in Denver, so she knew we were going to Charlotte. While we were waiting for the plane, I gave her the rest of the itinerary so she could be excited about it.

We flew to Montego Bay in Jamaica the next morning and took a two hour non-air-conditioned bus ride over to Ocho Rios. We stayed at the Sandals there and had a great time. We read by the beach, took a glass-bottomed boat tour, snorkeled, kayaked, splashed in the pools and ocean, did a lot of reading, ... and other stuff. The food was so-so, but the surroundings were mighty nice. We even had a butler/chaperone to get us around the sprawling resort and put pleasant towel arrangments and flowers on our bed.

The trip back was long and relatively uneventful. We did the two hour ride back to Montego Bay, caught a delayed flight back to Charlotte, sprinted through customs and immigration and security to make it to our flight, got to Denver and circled the airport waiting for a thunderstorm to pass. Thankfully we did not have to divert to Cheyenne as the pilot said some planes had to.

So that's the trip in a nutshell. Now briefly I will go down some funny highlights, sans context because context takes time.
  • John suggested I should explain what raising an Ebenezer (a line from a hymn from our wedding) meant. It's a stone commemorating what God has done for us thus for. It is not a euphemism. ;)
  • While we were sitting on the shuttle bus waiting for it to fill, we were listening to this Jamaican radio station. A song came on with the refrain: 'Shake that booty that Jesus gave you. Shake that booty in the Name of the Lord.'
  • We saw a billboard with a stern-looking cop and some tires. The slogan read 'Worn rubbers can cause accidents.' I am so, so, so sorry I did not get a picture.
  • We also passed several Jerk Centers, including the Ultimate Jerk Center.
  • When our butler couldn't find us, he left a note saying, 'I seeked for you, but in vain.'
  • The misspellings on the menus at the resort were hilarious, including 'string rolls,' several different kinds of 'frof' (froth), 'sweat potato crepes' (mmm, tasty), and creme brulee topped with 'sugar the burnt' which sounds like the name of a tragic stripper or something.
Pictures are forthcoming.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hey La, Hey La, My Hard Drive's Back

Well, it took long enough, but I finally got my external hard drive up and running again. I had called under warranty and got them to send it to my work. However they heard 16th St. and 60th St. and sent it there. Finally I got someone to send me a new one and it arrived today. I plugged it in, and the power light showed up, but my computer wasn't showing the hard drive. Thankfully, after I restarted, it showed up and I was able to move some pictures over.

I am joyful that my hard drive is not cooked as feared, but now I am paranoid that I need to back up all my pictures on DVDs. Grrr.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wedding Pictures

Okay, here's the site where our wedding pictures are. There's tons taken by other folks as well floating around on Picasa and other galleries, but here's the professional stuff. Thanks to Margaret Rider for doing our photos!

There will be more. I'm trying to figure out how to handle the tons of photos from the rehearsal and honeymoon. I think I may abandon my little gallery for this and sign up with Flickr or Picasa just to get the pics out there. It just takes too long to pick out the good ones, process them, and write all the captions and XML for my gallery. Anyway, I'll let you know when they're up.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I am back and getting adjusted back into the digital world, as well as the new married world I live in. The honeymoon, which was to Jamaica, went quite well. Mainly we read by the ocean, played in the pool, or ... spent quality time together. We did go on a glass-bottomed boat tour and I gave snorkeling another go around. This time I loved it. We also did some kayaking and played some pool sports. Travel to and from the resort were good, though we had some delayed flights on the way home that made life interesting. Coming into Denver, we were delayed for a while by a thunderstorm over the airport. Our pilot put the delay in perspective when he said it was a good thing we had extra fuel, as some planes had to be rerouted to Cheyenne because of the storm. Yikes.

Our wedding was fantastic. God really blessed us with an amazing setting, great weather, and many good friends. Everything was terrific. Our caterer, A Perfect Bite, just did an amazing, outstanding job, and the cake from Das Meyer's Fine Pastry Chalet was phenomenal. Josh did a great job with the ceremony, and I got a lot of good comments about it. My brother Jon did a great job playing the keyboard and my friend Scotty did a great job with the DJing. Big thanks to everyone who was involved! Thanks so much for a great day!

Pictures may be a while in coming as we are getting settled into married life and taking care of the minutiae that living together and being gone for a week have created or left undone. I've got pictures from the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, honeymoon, and gift opening aftermath to post.

Oh, and a big thank you to Jen's friends who decorated our place while we were gone. They did it up fantastically with a luau theme of umbrellas, flowers, and tableaus of married life using pillows and our clothes. There were haikus for us hidden throughout the house, chocolates on our pillows, and candles all over the place. Thanks! Jen and I feel very loved!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Day

Today's it. Today's the day. I am getting married. I am committing myself to love the most amazing woman I have ever known for as long as I live and beyond. I am ready. I'm waiting. I have been waiting for this day for so long, and my parents have prayed for it for so long, and now God has come through in most spectacular fashion. God has not just given me a woman who loves me, or a woman who awakes such love in me, but He reveals His love for us by loving us through each other. I have won the jackpot.

In a half hour, Jen's dad will come pick me up and I'll go put on a tux. It has a white vest, whereas the others have a blue vest. I'm wearing the white vest today. This isn't someone else's wedding. It's mine. It's still sinking in. Meanwhile, I'm blogging to distract myself from the waiting brought on by my early rising. I'm not sure how I expected to sleep in till seven today.

I love Jen so much. She is my joy and pleasure, my beautiful bride, and my best friend for the ages. Today I dedicate myself to you, Jen. I love you more than life itself!

See you soon!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Past Due

Well, happy 1st of July to you good folks. The last few days have been ever so busy, so I thought that I would give you a quick synopsis of recent events. The posts will be far and few between here, as Jen and I ramp up for the wedding and honeymoon.

So, on Friday we celebrated Jen's mother's birthday and Jen's last day of her day job with dinner at Dolan's and lemon tort. The next day, after breakfast with my friend Brian from Florida (not to be cofused with my friend Brian from Washington) we moved me from the Tower of Odd Smells to Jen's condo. It was an interesting move. Gavin, Jen's parents, Jen and I did the deed, but the Tower did not make it easy. First off, the people who had reserved the freight elevator before us didn't let the staff know that they were done, so we wasted a lot of time trying to get the elevator and loading dock free. When we did, we started getting the stuff moved down to the basement, but halfway through, the elevator disappeared. Thinking someone had taken it for a joy ride, I went up to the office, only to find that halfway through our reservation and halfway through our move, they decided to release our reservation because one of the other elevators wasn't working. Of course, they didn't deign to tell us this. Well, we held the elevator anyway. It just meant that we went slower, as we had to have one person stand in the door all the time and we had to listen to the screaming buzzers. I was not happy.

We then took a trip to the Salvation Army store to drop off my dresser and other stuff. We then took my bed to Jen's friends Chris and Alwen out in Golden. Then we took 93 up to Boulder and unloaded at Jen's place before loading up some of her stuff and then going cross country across Jen's parents' yard to unload furniture into their basement. We made it back to the UHaul store with a half hour to spare and then Jen went off for her bachelorette party. Whew!

Sunday, we hit Flatirons for church and then we rearranged the apartment and did tons of unpacking. It is so awesome to be turning this condo into our new home. It feels like I can have a claim to it as my home with it being rearranged like this. It was fun to spend the day with Jen planning our new home. So now I'm a Boulderite, though still sleeping on a cot while we wait for the wedding.

Monday was a day I was dreading; not just because I had to go back to work and leave my woman behind for the day, but because I had to clean the apartment that night. After work, I journeyed to the Tower of Odd Smells for the last time and plowed through the cleaning, from bathroom to bedroom, closet to kitchen. The kitchen was pretty intense. Thank goodness that is done. I dropped my keys in the rent box, slung the vacumn cleaner over my shoulder and walked out of that place. Thank you, Lord for delivering me from that building.

So now it is the home stretch. We're doing some planning, some packing for the honeymoon, and some prayer time to prepare for the week to come. I am so excited, and more than a little wired at the thought of getting married this weekend. The plans are set. Now it is time for doing. See you at the wedding!