Sunday, June 7, 2009


Yikes, stripes! It has been a while since I have posted. It has been a busy couple of weeks with plenty of wedding logisticizing and work. My friend Angie also was in town from Switzerland, so this last week saw a lot of time spent with her and my friend Dan.

So quickly, here are some things I did this week:
  • Finished up a project working with a really horrid open source video player.
  • Started working on my presentation for Rocky Mountain Adobe Camp, trying to get back into Sync SWF development.
  • Went to several new places with Dan and Angie, notably Beatrice & Woodsley and Sweet Action. Beatrice & Woodsley is notable for its amazing decor (pictures forthcoming) and fantastic, expensive cocktails. Sweet Action is notable for fantastic and original ice cream. Also good was Spicy Basil, a new (to me) place on Broadway.
  • Celebrated Laura's birthday down in deepest darkest Highlands Ranch and delivered the birthday lobster on a stick (pictures forthcoming on that too).
  • Went hiking with Angie on Lookout Mountain above Golden amongst the wildflowers and graves of Wild West showmen.
  • Got a wedding license with Jen and then went with her and Angie to The Kitchen in Boulder where I had some mindblowingly good lamb and some surprisingly bad cheese.
  • Did a walk through of the wedding site with our photographer and followed up with plenty of other wedding logistics and a viewing of the move Up, which is truly fantastic and wonderful. See it with someone you love.
  • Went to church and then, along with my parents, succumbed to Italian kitsch at Buca di Beppo. The portions there are truly monstrous. I had forgotten this, but am now reminded by the several pounds of carbonara in my fridge.
I've got quite a bit of photography from the last week. Those will be up, but first I need to reformat my laptop. That is the task for the rest of today. Now where are all my software discs at?


stoobie_doo said...

the cheese wasn t that bad. was it?

turbidity said...

It was that raw cow milk cheese. The other stuff was fine. The goat cheese was good, and the sheep cheese was all right, but that raw cow milk cheese was not anything I'd want to try again. The almonds were wonderful though.

stoobie_doo said...