Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday's for the Moms

This weekend was pretty good. Jen and I stuck stamps on the invitations and got them ever so close to being ready. We also went up to Boulder and had lunch with Josh who will be officiating at the wedding. Filled with British food, we toddled over to a park and laid under the sun listening to the thunder of boys playing Frisbee and the shrieking of kids. We spontaneously decided to go see the new Star Trek movie. Even though the showing was after 5, we magically got in on matinee prices. We barely did. They announced the theater had been sold out, and afterwards, when we left, there was a line waiting for the next showing. 

Without giving too much away, this was a clever reinvention of Star Trek that looked good and worked well. I even got over knowing Zachary Quinto as a homicidal psycopath from Heroes and let him be Spock. It was a good flick, and pretty clever in a meta sort of way.

For Mother's Day, Jen, her parents, and I gathered down at my parents' place where they are campground hosts. The weather was a bit too chilly for eating outdoors, but we enjoyed a good meal, some pear ginger pie from yours truly, and watching model planes flown at the 'airfield.' The guy we watched had a model Messerschmitt and a big bomber. It was a good weekend, and Happy Mother's Day!

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