Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm the Decider

I'm looking forward to the vice presidential debate tomorrow. I've been up in the air about this upcoming election, and I need more factors to make my decision on. Sigh. If I were a single issue voter, this would be much easier. The main thing I am keen to see is if Palin flubs this as badly as she did the Katie Couric interview. Joe Biden just needs to avoid being mean and patronizing, but Governor Palin has to prove herself, especially since the McCain campaign has largely limited her exposure to only important interviews that can be more easily prepped for. Normally a VP pick wouldn't be so important, but I don't think a vice presidential candidate has had such good odds of becoming president since William Henry Harrison's inauguration

Palin is starting to worry me, because she is giving me the same vibe I got from George W. Bush when he first was running for president. I may agree with a lot of their stances on certain issues, I may share their strong faith, I may like their spunkiness, but I don't like the way they seem to conduct themselves in office, I don't like the apparent lack of political skill and experience, and I don't like their anti-intellectual appeals. We've already had 8 years of that, thank you very much.

The other decision I need to make is the phone decision. My phone's secondary screen shattered the other day, so I'm feeling more and more pushed to a new phone. And today I heard the frightening news that T-Mobile will not be accepting any more pre-orders for the new G1. Sort of. Maybe. But you might get one in stores. Maybe. This is another factor to weigh, since I really want a new phone before I head out on a trip to the Pacific Northwest shortly after the phone is released. So do I lean back to the iPhone? How important is it to me to get the phone before the trip so I needn't bring along a laptop? How long can I hold out to see what bugs there are with the G1? Arrrrrgh. 


TirzahJean said...

I'm with ya with the undecided factor. Though I am 95% sure of my vote, I am just not crazy about any of them! If you want to engage in some interesting to my bro on this topic.

As for the phone, my bro-in-law works for T-Mobile...perhaps he could pull some strings for you? : )

Torajima said...

They limit Palin's exposure because when she speaks, it's obvious that she's in way over her head. Her nomination feels like an insult to the average american's intelligence. Or at least, the average american women's intelligence.

That said, I can't stand Biden. What a terrible choice for VP. At least, the debate will be entertaining.

turbidity said...

To me Biden made sense because he provided the foreign policy experience that Obama lacks. I was puzzled by the choice of Palin. You could see the short term appeal of countering Obama's age and providing a different first we could vote for. However, her lack of experience makes it hard for them to criticize Obama's lack of experience, and she hasn't shown herself to be quite up to the task. If they wanted a woman to stir things up, Kay Bailey Hutchinson or Olympia Snow or even Ann Richardson would have made good choices (though no more Texas governors! Sorry, Ann).

Torajima said...

If Ann Richardson had been nominated, I would have struggled more with this decision; she's my kind of broad!

Unfortunetly, "young, dumb" women are just more appealing to too many people (as opposed to, ah..."experienced, well seasoned" women). And Republicans desperately need to court women and youth to survive.